San Francisco by Night Tour



Light Fantastic's night tours are some of our most popular tours. End the year right by creating some night magic. This tour features great locations and photo opportunities throughout the city. We will be photographing from 3 different and varied locales throughout San Francisco and practicing slow motion imagery and water reflections.

You will learn to create ribbons of light created by the light of cars using long timed exposures. Learn to create light starbursts in your scene and practice creative techniques called "zoomies, sguiggles, swirlies, and the drop". This tour is also about reflections and they are marvelous!   

If you have taken this tour in the past it's a great one to repeat. The sky can be completely different and repeating a location makes you a better photographer.

You should have a good working knowledge of your camera. Photographing at dusk and later is surprisingly easier that daylight photography. Come experience the night magic!

“It often seems to me that the night is much more alive and richly colored than the day." Vincent van Gogh

"Thanks for continuing to make me a better photographer. I am not sure how that debt of gratitude can be repaid." New SF Night Tour 09, T. Scussel, CA

"I just loved how everyone was so focused on getting their pictures and always looking for new shooting location. It pushes me forward more by just thinking of that night! It was like we were going to shoot like there's no tomorrow, and I love that! I loved every location we went. This workshop opened another door for me in photography - more traffic trails please!"
New SF Night Tour 09, C.Ding, CA

"In one evening with Gale I can capture more than what may take me months to get around to doing." New SF by Night, '09, J. Hughes, CA

"Excellent scouting of locations and good overall organization." New SF Night Tour, '09, M. Knous, CA

"I wanted to thank you for the opportunity and your excellent guidance. I learned a lot and I can't help but seeing every reflection now with a different eye. New SF by Night, "09 R. Salas, CA

" The tour was an absolute blast thanks to your sense of humor and technical know-how! Really had a GREAT time! Thanks also to Terry for "lighting up"our night. "10 E.Collins, CA

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