Spring in the world famous Napa and Sonoma Valleys - what could be better?

In late February, the hills, fields, and vineyards are blanketed with brilliant yellow wild mustard plants, pink wild plum trees are blossoming filling the air with their intoxicating fragrance, wild flowers are blooming, hot air balloons are ascending over the misty valley, and vineyard workers are out tending the vines.

The mustard bloom is the most photogenic event in the Valley - so much so that they have an annual mustard festival to celibrate it. We will photograph picturesque wineries, pond reflections, a lake with red Japanese pagodas and bridges along with graceful swans swimming by, and many panoramic vistas of rolling hills with graphic patterns of yellow mustard and gnarled old grape vines.

This will be a full day starting in Napa early morning and finishing when we lose our light behind the mountains in Sonoma Valley. Pack your lunch and we will have a picnic at a lovely winery with a pond, and perhaps have a taste of world famous Napa Valley wine.

Come join the fun during the most photogenic seasons of Napa and Sonoma Valley!

"Excellent opportunity. Gale is very encouraging and good at providing technique." Napa 08, S. Sturges, CA

"There were so many photo opportunities that day. I liked your pace and all that we saw." Napa '08, J. Hughes, CA

"This is a wonderful way to spend quality photo time. Gale did a wonderful job of scouting out ideal locations ahead of time which is invaluable when shooting in new locations. Loved her sense of humor as well as all of the pointers I received. I look forward to attending again!" Napa 2010, L. Sapadin, CA

"Gale, the mustard goddess was at her best! Napa 2010 P. Godsalve, WA

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